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Pure Raspberry Ketone

Thanks for checking out Pure Raspberry Ketone! If you're new to dieting and weightloss, you'll be happy you stopped by. Raspberry ketone is quickly becoming one of the best weightloss and fat burning supplements on the market. There are many reasons Raspberry ketone is growing so rapidly in popularity and we'll go over those reasons here. If you already know you want to try Pure Raspberry Ketone, click here.

How Does Pure Raspberry Ketone Work?

Well, if you have the few extra minutes to spare, we suggest you watch the video below. This video is from Dr. Oz's television show where he was discussing the best fat burners for 2012. Can you guess what his #1 fat burner was? Raspberry ketone! Not only did it make the #1 spot, but he goes in depth on exactly how Raspberry ketone works! Check out the video below to see how:

It's pretty intense to see just how the Raspberry Ketone actually works and how well it works! It really is one of the best fat burners we've seen in a long time! If you weren't able to check out the video, we'll explain how it works.

Well, without using all of the complicated scientific words that Dr. Oz uses on that video, we’ll try to explain exactly how Raspberry Ketone’s work. You will find that Raspberry Ketone will work best as a weight loss ingredient, simply because the main function of the compound is to repress the elevation rhythm in the body that makes for high fat storage. Fat is mainly stored because of the body’s low metabolism. So Raspberry Ketone will allow the body to stop the storage of fat even if the diet you may be on consists of consuming fat.

Dr Khan, the guest on Dr Oz’s show explains the main reason Raspberry Ketone is such a fat melting formula. Raspberry Ketone increases the metabolism by increasing the release of a hormone called norepinephrine. Also, Raspberry Ketone produces a hormone called adiponectin. This hormone helps the fat cells give up their fat. Raspberry Ketone essentially evaporates the fat cells!

Dr Khan goes on to further explain that if you wanted to try and just eat Raspberries to try and garner the same results it would take 90lb’s per day of raspberries to achieve the same results! Plus, the sugar in that many raspberries would be harmful to the body!

Pure raspberry ketone

Dr Oz and Dr Khan talk about how some people see results as soon as five days! FIVE DAYS!

Is Raspberry Ketone Safe?

So this is obviously what most people are concerned about. Sure, I may lose those unwanted pounds quickly and easily but what is the price I’m paying for that. Is there chance of a heart attack, dizziness, etc? You’re going to be happy to hear that during a test conducted by independent researchers a group was given raspberry ketone and the only effects felt were positive. The study group noticed an increase in energy, increased focus and concentration and felt that they were just healthier overall then when they started the study.

Raspberry Ketone and the FDA

Here’s where the buck normally stops, right? The FDA will come in and pronounce the miracle pill is hazardous to your body and no one should take it and they kill all the fun. Well, not this time! Seeing as how Raspberry Ketone has been around for so long, the FDA has actually looked into it and has said that, "Using raspberry ketones as a fat burner is not new. The supplement has been recognized by the FDA since 1965. They have no known side effects."

That is a powerful statement!

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